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Our Story

We get it. Life moves quickly! When you’re out there in the world challenging yourself… being a boss at work, starting businesses, climbing ladders… always on the move, on a plane or train, seeing new places, experiencing new things… trying to maintain friends, family, juggling relationships… it has some incredible highs. But sometimes, the pace catches up with you and it all gets a bit too much.
And in the world today where you’re constantly connected, constantly answering to someone, somewhere, it’s crucial that you take time to look after yourself.
The reality of it is, when you actually slow down and take some time out for you, everything else just seems to flow. You’re more “on” when you’re out socialising, your work becomes manageable and you take time for the people around you.
This is why The Silk Robe exists.


It exists to help provide that haven. To help you feel good about choosing to do nothing, to say no. To stay home and relax, and both look and feel good while you do it. With friends, or alone; with a glass of wine, a beer, or a hot chocolate; with pizza, pasta, or a chicken noodle soup.
The Silk Robe is here to help give you that space that you so desperately need – that we all need – and to help you feel great while doing it.
You not only deserve to treat yourself; you need to.
The Silk Robe has been designed with luxury because we know that quality matters, but it’s also been made for enjoyment. Slip into something silky, feel a bit luxurious, pour yourself a glass of red and face what could be the biggest challenge in the modern world today. Close your laptop, shut your iPad, and turn off your phone.
Then? Enjoy a bit of space in this wild world we live in. You’ll feel (and look) so much better for it. Like we said, moves quickly! The Silk Robe is here to slow it down.

PS. The Silk Robe range is 100% silk, but unlike most silk ours has been designed to be washable… because ain’t nobody got time for dry cleaning.

Designed with luxury. Made for enjoyment.